Jazz May 2021

What to expect in Jazz during this month? You will find here our selection “Jazz May 2021” of albums already released or to be released this month (What to Wait For?). 10 albums – or EPs, or Singles – that got our full attention and should be worth your time.

A playlist with one track per selected album is available at the end of the post.

Jazz May 2021 – Selection

James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily Quintet

James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily Quintet - Jesup Wagon
James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily Quintet
Jesup Wagon
(TAO Forms)

What James Brandon Lewis is offering here, is poetry. Nothing less. As poetic as A Love Supreme? without a doubt. As major? let’s hope. Read the full review here: James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily QuintetJesup Wagon

James Brandon Lewis: tenor saxophone; Kirk Knuffke: cornet; William Parker: bass, gimbri (#2 & #7); Chris Hoffman: cello; Chad Taylor: drums, mbira (#6)
Release date: 2021.05.07

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Jazz May 2021 – What to Wait for:

Sons of Kemet

Sons of Kemet
Black to the Future
(Impulse! Records)

The pressure is on as the expectations are quite high for this one. At the same time Sons of Kemet and Shabaka Hutchings are constantly delivering, and manage to keep on surprising positively, even their fans – this is how good they are.

Sons of Kemet returns in 2021 with their new album Black To The Future. This release finds the UK-based quartet at their most dynamic – showcasing harmonically elegant arrangements and compositions, coupled with fierce, driving material that will be familiar to initiated fans. This album features prominent UK vocalists and a strong emphasis on lush compositions and arrangements. Guest artists include Kojey Radical, Moor Mother, & more.”
— Impulse!

Shabaka Hutchings: saxophone, clarinet; Tom Skinner: drum; Theon Cross: tuba; Eddie Hick; drum
Release date: 2021.05.14

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Chris Potter Circuits Trio

Chris Potter Circuits Trio
Sunrise Reprise
(Edition Records)

“One of the most prolific improvisers of his generation returns with the follow up to his 2019 Circuits album: a powerful and cathartic record featuring keyboardist James Francies and drummer Eric Harland.”
— Edition Records

Chris Potter: tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets, flutes, sampler/keyboard; James Francies: piano, keyboards; Eric Harland: drums
Release date: 2021.05.14


Jaimie Branch

Jaimie Branch
(International Anthem)

“Full flight capture of the full Fly or Die suite, parts 1 & 2 compounded & flawlessly communicated in a singular epic of raw cosmic brilliance.”

Jaimie Branch: trumpet, vocals, vibraslap; Lester St. Louis: cello, vocals, tiny cymbal; Jason Ajemian: bass, vocals, egg shakers; Chad Taylor: drums, vocals, mbira
Release date: 2021.05.21

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Vincent Meissner

Vincent Meissner
Bewegtes Feld

“An irrepressible love of playing complex shapes and rhythms meets a great desire for experimentation and a remarkable sense of unusual and memorable melodies.” – The 1st extract confirms this quote, we are very impatient to discover the entire album.

Vincent Meissner: piano; Josef Zeimetz: bass; Henri Reichmann: drums
Released the 2021.05.28

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Dave Holland

Dave Holland
Another Land
(Edition Records)

Another Land is the new album from the all-star trio featuring Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks, and Obed Calvaire and a power-packed set of originals. This is a potent studio set of fluid themes developed by the band and forged in the furnace of live performance.”
— Edition Records

Dave Holland: bass and bass guitar; Kevin Eubanks: guitar; Obed Calvaire: drums
Release date: 2021.05.28



Listen to those tracks on our Spotify playlist “2021 (so far”).

Jazz May 2021 – Albums’ List:

  • James Brandon Lewis, Red Lily Quintet – Jesup Wagon
  • Sons of Kemet – Black to the Future
  • Chris Potter Circuits Trio – Sunrise Reprise
  • Jaimie Branch – FLY or DIE LIVE
  • Vincent Meissner – Bewegtes Feld
  • Dave Holland – Another Land


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