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Bestofjazz.org aims at helping its visitors to discover amazing jazz records. To do so, we review all the new jazz releases that we believe are worth your time. We also create monthly selections of jazz albums to be released in the coming days or weeks. This way, you will always be up-to-date with the newest releases and be informed of what to wait for.

For every year, we publish a dedicated post and a related playlist. It covers the 10 best albums of that year plus 10 extra tracks (from 10 additional records). The playlists are for now on Spotify; more streaming options will be provided soon. For every album selected, we hand-pick a track and share as much information and links as possible. It makes it easier to investigate a preferred artist or record further. All the albums are listed in no rank at all. The ranking of the albums and tracks is always random. It is the same for the playlists: play it in order or shuffle it, next sound will be surprisingly good anyway!

The yearly selections are based on the albums’ release date. We try to make sure we have the correct one through the artists and records labels websites. But if you find any mistake or correction to be made, please contact us.


This website was born in February 2021 (as a reboot of Archaic Pop)

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