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Best Jazz 2010s - 2010 to 2019

The 2010s – Here are the links to all the years of the decade. For each one, you will discover the entire list of the selected albums, art covers, musicians, and the possibility to listen to the tracks: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Discover the best jazz of the 2010s summarized in 200 tracks (listen to the entire playlist directly here) from the decade’s best albums and artists.

Best Jazz 2017 Header

Best Jazz Albums of 2017

Here is the finest jazz offerings of 2017, a year that gifted us with a kaleidoscope of sonic adventures, with each album being a testament to the genre’s ability to inspire, challenge and transcend musical boundaries. The albums featured in this Best Jazz Albums of 2017 list–which is in no order–represent styles, moods, and narratives that collectively embody the essence of jazz in its myriad forms.

So here are the 10 jazz albums that made 2017 an unforgettable chapter in the ever-evolving saga of this enchanting genre:

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Best Jazz 2014 Header

Best of Jazz – Year 2014

Discover the 20 tracks and albums selected for this best jazz 2014.

No rank nor order, just high-quality jazz, by outstanding artists. Listen to the Spotify playlist and scroll through the art covers. All comments on the current selection and tracks that you believe should have made it to this list are very welcome!

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Best of Jazz – Year 2015

One playlist – just hereunder or directly on Spotify – with 20 outstanding jazz tracks from 20 outstanding EPs or albums that made 2015.

The tracks are placed with no rank.

You will also find all the art covers and links to the artists’ websites letting you discover more of their work (current and past).

If you believe we are missing key tracks in this playlist, just post a comment or get in touch through our ‘about‘ page

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Best Jazz Albums of 2019

The best jazz 2019 in 10 albums plus 10 extra tracks.

No rank, no order, just a list of the 10 best jazz albums of 2019 and a playlist to sum it up at the end of this post. Any recommendations on tracks that should have made it to the playlist would also be very appreciated.

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