Best Jazz Albums 2024
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Best Jazz Albums of 2024 (So Far)

As we journey through 2024, we have been treated to an array of captivating albums. From soul-stirring spiritual jazz to avant-garde experiments, this year has already delivered remarkable compositions. Join us as we hunt through the standout releases that define the Best Jazz Albums of 2024.

These albums offer different experiences, impossible to compare with each other but taken individually always outstanding and so profound. We sincerely hope you will also enjoy them and please let us know if we missed your favorite.

Vijay Iyer Compassion ECM

Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn Sorey


Compassion is the second release by the Vijay Iyer Trio after Uneasy (ECM, April 2021). Moving from dedicating an album to expressing worry or discomfort about a particular situation, the trio now transitions—logically—to showing concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The music is as powerful and vivid as a splendid sunrise, filling your life with light, and reminding you that the world is, despite everything, a magnificent promise just waiting to come true.

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Vijay Iyer: piano; Linda May Han Oh: double bass; Tyshawn Sorey: drums
Released February 2, 2024

Ahmed Giant Beauty

أحمد [Ahmed]

Giant Beauty

After their Nights on Saturn (communication), part of our Best Jazz 2021, [Ahmed]’s Giant Beauty captures their five-night residency at Fylkingen during a 2022 festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Each night–each CD–unveils a new tune, deconstructed and reimagined, reflecting a journey through a unique musical landscape. With a perfect mix of free jazz and experimentation, it’s a profound and magnificent exploration of the music of composer, bassist, and oud player Ahmed Abdul-Malik (1927-1993).

Pat Thomas: piano; Seymour Wright: alto saxophone; Joel Grip: double bass; Antonin Gerbal: drums
Released April 8, 2024

Wadada Leo Smith Amina Claudine Myers Central Park s Mosaics of Reservoir

Wadada Leo Smith, Amina Claudine Myers

Central Park’s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens
(Red Hook Records)

This extraordinary duet marks Wadada Leo Smith and Amina Claudine Myers’s first recorded collaboration and involvement since their early years as key members of the iconic Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM).

Central Park’s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths, and Gardens, is breathtakingly beautiful. It is just plain delicacy, yet heavily and meaningfully charged, in a way that only master musicians can unfold.

Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet; Amina Claudine Myers: piano / Hammond B3
Released May 10, 2024

Matthew Shipp New Concepts in Piano Trio

Matthew Shipp

New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz

New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz defies expectations, surpassing even their acclaimed World Construct. Shipp sees it as a culmination of their evolution, praising drummer Newman Taylor Baker and bassist Michael Bisio’s synergy. He hints it might be their ultimate achievement, “because it really cannot get better than this.”

And yes, this album is mind-blowing! The improvisations are off-the-charts brilliant, and the interplay between the three artists is just magical.

Matthew Shipp: piano; Michael Bisio: bass; Newman Taylor Baker: drums
Released April 5, 2024

Ballister Smash and Grab


Smash and Grab
(Aerophonic Records)

Smash and Grab is a tempest of sound. The 20+ minute opening track sets the stage with pounding beats, scorching saxophone, and heavyweight bowed cello. The album’s energy is intrinsically free but strangely so restorative and relaxing.

Dave Rempis: alto/tenor/baritone saxophone; Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello/electronics; Paal Nilssen-Love: drums/percussion
Released January 16, 2024

Monty Alexander D​ Day

Monty Alexander


This D-Day brings an extremely satisfying sound, experience, and depth, but above all, it showcases an exceptional artist who looks back with joy and kindness.

On June 6, 2024, the Normandy landings and Monty Alexander will celebrate their 80th birthday. A very symbolic historical concordance which the great musician naturally seizes […] D-Day brings together the quintessence of two river sessions. We hear a more introspective Monty Alexander than usual, sure of the time to take to reach the right note, the one that only arrives with the feeling of assurance. (Bandcamp)

Monty Alexander: piano; Luke Sellick: bass; Jason Brown: drums
Released March 29, 2024

Charles Lloyd The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow

Charles Lloyd

The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow
(Blue Note)

Knowledge of music making, of music theory, of how to use the instrument, is not all there is to music. There is also intuition, from pure experience of this world. The music of knowing thyself is perhaps the grand music for which we have no words, in front of which we are floored.
–Blue Note on The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow

Backed by an all-star lineup including pianist/composer Jason Moran, bassist Larry Grenadier, and drummer Brian Blade, Charles Lloyd weaves fluid magic through impressionism, post-bop glory, and inventive and soulful performances; discreetly perfect.

Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone, flute; Brian Blade: drums; Larry Grenadier: bass; Jason Moran: piano
Released March 15, 2024

2024 Playlist

Listen to these tracks on our Spotify playlistBest Jazz 2024“.

The Best Jazz Albums of 2024 (So Far)

  • Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn SoreyCompassion (ECM)
  • أحمد [Ahmed]Giant Beauty (Fönstret)
  • Wadada Leo Smith, Amina Claudine MyersCentral Park’s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens (Red Hook Records)
  • Matthew ShippNew Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz (ESP-Disk)
  • Ballister Smash and Grab (Aerophonic Records)
  • Monty AlexanderD​-​Day (PEEWEE!)
  • Charles LloydThe Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note)

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