February 2022
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Jazz February 2022

What should you expect in Jazz this month? This is our February 2022 Selection of albums that have already been released or have yet to be released this month (What to Wait For?). These albums got our full attention and should be worth your time.

The albums are ordered by the release date.

Jazz Albums February 2022

Selection February 2022

Rob Mazurek Quartet – Father’s Wing

Rob Mazurek Quartet

Father’s Wing
(Rogue Art)

Father’s Wing is a tribute to Mazurek’s late father. Through an hour of music dispersed amongst nine tracks, the quartet beautifully connects to the other side. Read the full review here: Father’s Wing

Rob Mazurek: piccolo trumpet, electronics, bells; Kris Davis: piano; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: double bass; Chad Taylor: drums
Release date February 4, 2022

Stefan Pasborg - Ritual Dances

Stefan Pasborg

Ritual Dances
(Sunnyside Records)

Stefan Pasborg’s reinvention of Igor Stravinsky’s iconic works from The Rite of Spring and The Firebird are as brilliant as they are invigorating. Ritual Dances doesn’t rewrite Stravinsky so much as bring his work into the 21st century in bombastic style.”
— Sunnyside

“Bombastic style”… yes, it is! Read our review: Ritual Dances

Stefan Pasborg + Guests | UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra | Blood Sweat Drum+Bass
Release date February 11, 2022

Kit Downes, Petter Eldh, James Maddren - Vermillion

Kit Downes, Petter Eldh, James Maddren

(ECM Records)

“Replete with subtle twists and turns, the trio offers its idiosyncratic take on the piano trio format, producing unexpected harmonic alterations and animate rhythmic flashes as they flesh out distinct musical forms.”

You can already listen to singles here on Spotify.

Kit Downes: piano; Petter Eldh: double bass; James Maddren: drums
Release date February 11, 2022

Natsuki Tamura - Summer Tree

Natsuki Tamura

Summer Tree
(Libra Records)

From the first notes of “Summer Tree” (the first of four tracks), you will understand that this is not going to be a walk in the park. From the start, it is haunted, and a chilling image of the Yōkai (i.e., the Japanese demons) may quickly come to mind. Read the full review: Summer Tree

Natsuki Tamura: trumpet, piano, wok; Satoko Fujii: voice (Summer Wind)
Release date February 11, 2022

Alex Apolo Ayala - Bámbula

Alex “Apolo” Ayala

(Truth Revolution Records)

“The title Bámbula means “the memory of a forgotten place, the act of re-remembering who you are as a person, tapping into the collective unconscious. The Bámbula is the oldest known rhythm of the Bomba complex. Bomba [Puerto Rico’s oldest and purest musical art form] is the music that our African ancestors brought with them to the Americas. It is the most authentic expression of Puerto Rican Blackness.”
–Alex “Apolo” Ayala

Alex “Apolo” Ayala: bass; Ivan Renta: alto/soprano saxophones; Fernando García: drums; Nelson Mateo Gonzalez: barril de bomba (bomba drum), small percussion; Anna Louise Andersson: vocals (#4)
Release date February 11, 2022

Gordon Grdina’s Haram - Night’s Quietest Hour

Gordon Grdina’s Haram

Night’s Quietest Hour
(Attaboygirl Records)

“This album reflects our continued exploration of the Classic Arabic repertoire and new exploration of Sudanese music from the 60’s and 70’s. An already incredibly dynamic group Marc’s presence pushed the group’s delicacy, intensity, and explosive nature to new heights. The process of creating this album has reliagned the trajectory of the ensemble.”
— Gordon Grdina

Gordon Grdina: oud; Marc Ribot: guitar; Emad Armoush: vocals, ney; Tim Gerwing: darbuka; Liam MacDonal: riq; Tommy Babin: bass; Kenton Loewen: drums; Francois Houle: clarinet; Christopher Kelly: sax; Jp Carter: trumpet; Josh Zubot: violin; Jesse Zubot: violin
Release date February 18, 2022

Binker and Moses – Feeding The Machine

Binker and Moses

Feeding The Machine
(Gearbox Records)

Journey to the Mountain of Forever is from 2017, so after five years with no studio releases, Binker and Moses are finally returning with a new offering, Feeding the Machine.

Binker Golding: soprano and tenor saxophones; Moses Boyd: drums; Max Luthert: live tape loops and electronic effects
Release date February 25, 2022

Christian Lillinger - Konus

Christian Lillinger

(Plaist Music)

“Since the first lockdown, I have worked intently and intensively on finding my aesthetic as a producer of my music. It was important to me to develop each song in contrast to the next. Furthermore, I optimized every aspect to my standards up until the mastering process. I understand this whole process as part of my composition”
— Christian Lillinger

Abstract collages, beats, and experiments.

Produced, Played, Mixed & Mastered by Christian Lillinger
Release date February 25, 2022

Marta Sanchez - SAAM (Spanish American Art Museum)

Marta Sanchez

SAAM (Spanish American Art Museum)
(Whirlwind Recordings)

“The first word that came to my mind upon listening to the music on SAAM was balance. From the balance of racing on the edge of something unfamiliar, to the balance of the sounds of the instruments, to the different personalities of the musicians who were given the task of bringing Marta’s music to life, it is all about balance.”
— Michael Formanek, liner notes

Marta Sanchez: piano; Alex LoRe: alto saxophone; Roman Filiu: tenor saxophone; Rashaan Carter: bass; Allan Mednard: drums | Except Track 5: Camila Meza: vocals and guitar; Ambrose Akinmusire: trumpet; Marta Sanchez: piano; Rashaan Carter: bass; Allan Mednard: drums; Charlotte Greve: synths.
Release date February 25, 2022

Keiko-Higuchi - Vertical Language


Vertical Language
(Black Editions)

“More than simply an album title “Vertical Language” refers to the distinctive musical approach that Higuchi has developed over the past twenty years. Her music is centered on the breathe and pulse- rather than set ‘horizontal’ musical rhythms or structures. It illuminates the connection between the artist’s body and sound.”
— Black Editions

Keiko Higuchi: voice, piano | Guest – Louis Inage: bass (tracks 5 & 8)
Release date February 28, 2022

February 2022 – New Albums Selection

  • Rob Mazurek QuartetFather’s Wing (Rogue Art)
  • Stefan PasborgRitual Dances (Sunnyside Records)
  • Kit Downes, Petter Eldh, James MaddrenVermillion (ECM)
  • Natsuki TamuraSummer Tree (Libra Records)
  • Alex “Apolo” AyalaBámbula (Truth Revolution Records)
  • Gordon Grdina’s HaramNight’s Quietest Hour (Attaboygirl Records)
  • Binker and MosesFeeding The Machine (Gearbox Records)
  • Christian LillingerKonus (Plaist Music)
  • Marta SanchezSAAM (Spanish American Art Museum) (Whirlwind Recordings)
  • Keiko-HiguchiVertical Language (Black Editions)

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  • (D)IVO Saxophone Quartet (D)IVO (Mahakala Music)
  • Okkyung Lee, Jérôme Noetinger, Nadia RatsimandresyTwo Duos (Otoroku)

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