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Jazz July 2021

What to expect in Jazz this month? This is our July 2021 Selection of albums already released or to be released this month (What to Wait For?). Albums – or EPs, or Singles – that got our full attention and should be worth your time.

A playlist with one track per selected album is available at the end of the post.

New Jazz Releases July 2021

Selection July 2021

Hamid Drake, Ingrid Schmoliner

Hamid Drake, Ingrid Schmoliner - Awon Ona
Hamid Drake, Ingrid Schmoliner
Awon Ona

Two CDs for more than two hours of live music, recorded during two festivals last year: ‘Artacts in Tyrol’, Austria, and ‘Jazz Cerkno’ in Slovenia. Two incredible musicians, one amazing album.

Hamid Drake: drums, voice; Ingrid Schmoliner: piano, voice
Release date: 2021 Jul 1


John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin - Liberation Time
John McLaughlin
Liberation Time
(Abstract Logix)

“The wonderful thing about music is that you put the headphones on, and you are all in the same room.”
—John McLaughlin
This is true for isolated musicians recording together while spread around the globe, but also for isolated listeners starving for live music.

John McLaughlin: guitar, guitar synth, piano; Roger Rossignol: piano; Ranjit Barot: drums, konokol; Jean Michel. ‘Kiki’ Aublette: drums, bass; Vinnie Colaiuta: drums; Nicolas Viccaro: drums; Julian Siegel: tenor sax; Etienne MBappe: bass; Gary Husband: drums, piano; Sam Burgess: bass; Jerome Regard: bass; Oz Ezzeldin: piano
Release date: 2021 Jul 1

Bandcamp Website

Daniel Herskedal

Daniel Herskedal - Harbour
Daniel Herskedal
(Edition Records)

Dramatic, relaxing, and beautiful as a Norwegian fjord.

Daniel Herskedal: tuba and bass trumpet; Eyolf Dale: piano and celesta; Helge Andreas Norbakken: drums and marimba
Release date: 2021 Jul 2

Album Website

Keshav Batish

Keshav Batish - Binaries in Cycle
Keshav Batish
Binaries in Cycle

“The way temporality functions in Hindustani music has greatly shaped how I approach adorning time with rhythm,”
—Keshav Batish

Binaries in Cycle is a digest of new proposals, ideas, and intentions, yet it is deeply rooted in modern jazz. Read our full post review here: Keshav BatishBinaries in Cycle

Keshav Batish: drum set; Shay Salhov: alto saxophone; Lucas Hahn: piano; Aron Caceres: double bass.
Release date: 2021 Jul 9

Website Bandcamp

Giovanni Guidi:

Giovanni Guidi - Ojos de Gato
Giovanni Guidi
Ojos de Gato
(Cam Jazz)

The 11 tracks—all originals by Giovanni Guidi—are so clearly evoking all the facets of Gato Barbieri’s music, you may wonder if it is not ultimately covers. A beautiful tribute.

Giovanni Guidi: piano and Fender Rhodes; James Brandon Lewis: tenor sax; Gianluca Petrella: trombone; Brandon Lopez: double bass; Chad Taylor: drums & percussions; Francisco Mela: drums & percussions
Released date: 2021 Jul 9

Website Twitter

Dave McMurray

Dave McMurray - Grateful Deadication
Dave McMurray
Grateful Deadication
(Blue Note)

Dave McMurray “returns with Grateful Deadication, a cover album that turns one of the most celebrated catalogs in rock songwriting into a vehicle for his own jazz expression.”
—Blue Note

Dave McMurray: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, keyboards, percussion; Ibrahim Jones: bass; Don Was: bass (3); Jeff Canady: drums; Jay Lane: drums (3); Wayne Gerard: guitar; Bob Weir: guitar (3); Greg Leisz: guitar (3); Larry Fratangelo; percussion; Sowande Keita: percussion (2); Maurice O’Neal: keyboards & organ; Jeff Chimenti: keyboards (3); Luis Resto: piano (1, 5); Bettye LaVette: vocals (3); Herschel Boone: vocals (7)
Release date: 2021 Jul 16

Website Blue Note

William Parker

William Parker - Mayan Space Station
William Parker
Mayan Space Station
(AUM Fidelity)

Mayan Space Station is William’s first electric guitar trio album. The unparalleled rhythmic firmament created by Parker & Cleaver is matched by Mendoza in full flight. This is cosmic multi-hued blues, perfect for space and time travel.”
— AUM Fidelity

Read our dedicated post: William ParkerMayan Space Station

William Parker: bass, compositions; Ava Mendoza: electric guitar; Gerald Cleaver: drums
Release date: 2021 Jul 23

Bandcamp Website

William Parker

William Parker - Painters Winter
William Parker
Painters Winter
(AUM Fidelity)

“The music on this album is a tribute to the flow of rhythm as melody and pulsation. Laced with the joy and the bounce, the dance and the heartbeat. Giving a nod to all the music that has ever passed through us..”
— William Parker

William Parker: bass, trombonium, shakuhachi, compositions; Daniel Carter: trumpet, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute; Hamid Drake: drums
Release date: 2021 Jul 23

Bandcamp Website

Hank Roberts Sextet

Hank Roberts Sextet - Science of Love
Hank Roberts Sextet
Science of Love
(Sunnyside Records)

“A life change allowed Hank Roberts to undertake one of the most meaningful projects in his life. The journey may have begun as a move to New York City, but it evolved into something deeper, the fostering of new friendships and a new, collection of music. Science of Love is a testament to Roberts’s craft, perseverance, and ability to propel the power of love through music. “
— Sunnyside Records

Hank Roberts: cello; Brian Drye: trombone; Dana Lyn: violin; Mike McGinnis: clarinet, soprano saxophone; Jacob Sacks: piano; Vinnie Sperrazza: drums.
Release date: 2021 Jul 23

Bandcamp Website

Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile

Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile
Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile
Snark Horse
(Pi Recordings)

“6 discs of one-bar compositions by pianist-composer Matt Mitchell and percussionist-composer Kate Gentile, designed to incite inventive, multi-directional improvisation.” It will be sure intense and we are so impatient to discover the entire release!

Kate Gentile: compositions, drums & percussion; Matt Mitchell: compositions, piano, modular synthesizer, Prophet-6, MicroFreak & electronics; Kim Cass: acoustic & electroacoustic bass; Ben Gerstein: trombone; Jon Irabagon: tenor, mezzo-soprano, sopranino, soprillo, mezzo-soprano saxophones, alto clarinet; Davy Lazar: trumpet, piccolo trumpet & cornet; Mat Maneri: viola; Ava Mendoza: guitar; Matt Nelson: tenor & alto saxophones; Brandon Seabrook: guitar & tenor banjo.
Release date: 2021 Jul 30


New Releases – July 2021 – Albums’ List:

  • Hamid Drake, Ingrid Schmoliner – Awon Ona
  • John McLaughlin – Liberation Time
  • Daniel Herskedal – Harbour
  • Keshav Batish – Binaries in Cycle
  • Giovanni Guidi – Ojos de Gato
  • Dave McMurray – Grateful Deadication
  • William Parker – Mayan Space Station
  • William Parker – Painters Winter
  • Hank Roberts Sextet – Science of Love
  • Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile – Snark Horse

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Listen to those tracks on our Spotify playlist “2021 (so far”).

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