Steven Feifke Big Band - Kinetic
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Steven Feifke Big Band – Kinetic

We miss live music.
To all of us who can relate to this affirmation, Steven Feifke Big BandKinetic is the perfect medication.

Steven Feifke Big Band
(Outside in Music)

Kinetic is the debut album of Steven Feifke’s Big Band. Steven (born 1991) released his 1st album in 2015 (Peace In Time – self-produced), but he is mainly a prolific pianist, composer, arranger, orchestrator with an impressive discography: he appeared on 30 albums all before turning 30 years old.

“I have been running my big band for the past 10 years — since just after I moved to New York, pretty much. Of all the musical releases I have been a part of since then, Kinetic is the one that contains the most “Feifke” on there. It’s just 100% me. It’s my own voice, and it’s my own unique stamp on the big band idiom, I am really proud of the end result.”
— Steven Feifke

Listening to the album and all his compositions, clearly, he had a lot to say; and really good things.

Steven Feifke and his big band were having a monthly residency at The Django in New York City for two years before all live performances had to stop. It is during that time they certainly managed to create the splendid cohesion we can hear on all the tracks, and this is what at the core makes this album a success. It screams to us “we love lively music”.

We can imagine they are missing playing their music live as much as we are missing enjoying it. But Kinetic provides us with some impeccable medication: lively music in its approach and manner, throughout the tracks and their succession. Yet the sound is polished and clean, making it even more enjoyable. This definitely will help us waiting and we can only thank them for that.

You can also listen to Kinetic on Spotify , or on CD.

Steven Feifke Big Band – Kinetic – Info

Steven Feifke: piano | Andrew Gould: saxophone | Alexa Tarantino: saxophone, alto | Lucas Pino: clarinet, bass | Sam Dillon: saxophone, tenor | Andrew Gutauskas: saxophone, baritone | Max Darché: trumpet | John Lake: trumpet | Benny Benack III: trumpet | Gabriel King Medd: trumpet | Robert Edwards: trombone | Jeffery Miller: trombone | Armando Vergara: trombone | Jennifer Wharton: trombone | Alex Wintz: guitar | Dan Chmielinski: bass | Ulysses Owens, Jr.: drums

Big Band

Steven Feifke
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Kinetic was released on April 9, 2021 // Outside in Music – OiM 2112
Recorded at Sear Sound in NYC on January 6 & / 2019

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