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Alex Louloudis – Words

The second album by Alex Louloudis, Words, was digitally released in March 2021 and published by the Belgian-based label, Off. Words was recorded at the New School University in New York City, on June 27, 2018.

Alex Louloudis - Words

Alex Louloudis


Alex Louloudis (1993) must have invested quite a lot of himself into this album. In the music, lyrics, and cover art, he is everywhere, but mostly, Alex Louloudis is all over his drum set, and this specifically works so utterly well.

The album is tight—35 minutes, six tracks—but from the very first second (the 4th I would say, listeners can tell that time in the capable hands of the drummer, and they can just go with the flow.

On Words’ Bandcamp page, it states: “…a drummer in the field of Free Jazz and Improvised music, a composer of Contemporary and Experimental music, and a percussionist in Afro-Cuban style music […] the music is definitively Contemporary Jazz, but with some reminders of the classic era of musicians, like Coltrane or Monk.”

Yes, mix all that together and it should give you an idea of what to expect:

Tracks #1 (“Surviving”) and #6 open and close the album and feature Alex (d), Rafael (ts), and Dean (b), joined by Rosdeli (v), Kaelen (ts), and Aaron (g). These two tracks add a lot to the album.

Yet, at the core of Words, what made me fall for it were the trio parts. Tracks #2-5 really have a balance and energy that makes them even more powerful. Just listen to “Expedition in Nola”, for example:

Additionally, the third track, “The Magic of 3”, most definitely sums up this feeling.

In conclusion, Words has some great tracks—and even some magical ones.

Alex Louloudis – Words

Alex Louloudis: Drums | Rafael Statin: Tenor Saxophone | Dean Torrey: Bass | Rosdeli Marte: Vocals (#1, 6) | Kaelen Ghandhi: Tenor Saxophone (#1, 6) | Aaron Rubinstein: Guitar (#1, 6)

Contemporary Jazz, Experimental

Words was released on March 12th, 2021 // Off – Record Label – ODG138

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