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Stefan Pasborg - Ritual Dances

Stefan Pasborg – Ritual Dances

Ritual Dances is an album by drummer and composer Stefan Pasborg, based on the works of Igor Stravinsky. The pieces are performed by two large ensembles: the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra and Blood Sweat Drum+Bass, and are augmented by a number of impressive guests. It was released on February 11, 2022, by Sunnyside Records.

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Olivier Benoit - Europa

Orchestre National De Jazz, Olivier Benoit – Europa

Europa is an amazing big-band jazz project led by Olivier Benoit during his years conducting the Orchestre National de Jazz. It resulted in four must-have albums that we will explore in this article: Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Oslo.

The Orchestre National De Jazz (or ONJ) [Discogs] is a French jazz orchestra created in 1986 via the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, with the intention to bring to life and renew the repertoire of great jazz orchestras. The orchestra is directed by an appointed conductor and is renewed every 2-5 years. This is a state-subsidized formation and has the means to produce, distribute, and present its creations worldwide.

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