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The Reason Why’s Original Tracks – Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra

If you like spending time in record shops, just looking around for some old gems, then you should pay attention to the following cover art. These are the albums and EPs that Goran Kafjes himself must have stumbled upon one day since they all contain the original tracks from the Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra’s The Reason Why, Vol. I, II & III.

These three albums were released in 2013, 2014, and 2017. You will find them listed in our playlists for the respective years with “Yakar Inceden Inceden“, ‎”Dokuz Seki/Esmerim“, and “Ne Rien Voir, Dire, Entendre“.

All the tracks hereunder are listed as they appear on the three albums, in the same order. Vol. III has an extra track on the CD version: “Sandy,” by Caribou.

As a sweet bonus, here is a playlist with all the tracks: The Reason Why’s Original Tracks on Spotify.

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra – The Reason Why Vol. I

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra - Edip Akbayram & Dostlar -- Degmen Benim Gamli Yasli Gönlüme, Yakar Inceden Inceden

Vol.I, 1 – “Yakar Inceden Inceden”
Edip Akbayram & Dostlar
From Degmen Benim Gamli Yasli Gönlüme / Yakar Inceden Inceden
1973 (Turkey)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra -Bo Hansson Ur Trollkarlens Hatt

Vol.I, 2 – “Storstad”
Bo Hansson
From Ur Trollkarlens Hatt
1972 (Sweden)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra - Tame Impala -- Innerspeaker

Vol.I, 3 – “Desire Be, Desire Go”
Tame Impala
From Innerspeaker
2010 (Australia)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra -Soft Machine - Alive And Well Recorded In Paris

Vol.I, 4 – “The Nodder”
Soft Machine
From Alive And Well Recorded In Paris
1978 (United Kingdom)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra -Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National -- Ilo Abu Chi (2)

Vol.I, 5 – “Okwukwe Na Nchewube”
Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National
From Okwukwe Na Nchekwube
1972 (Nigeria)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra - Archimedes Badkar -- Tre

Vol.I, 6 – “Badidoom”
Archimedes Badkar
From Tre
1977 (Sweden)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra - Cluster -- Sowiesoso

Vol.I, 7 – “Es War Enmal”
From Sowiesoso
1996 (Germany, Switzerland)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra -Arthur Verocai -- Arthur Verocai

Vol.I, 8 – “Karina”
Arthur Verocai
From Arthur Verocai
1972 (Brazil)

GKSO – The Reason Why Vol. II

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra -Okay Temiz -- Denizaltı Rüzgarları & Dokuz Sekiz
II.1b - Beyaz Kelebekler -- Küskünüm Ben Hayata & Esmerim

Vol.II, 1 – “Dokuz Seki/Esmerim”
Okay Temiz
From Denizalti Rüzgarlari / Dokuz Sekiz
1975 (Turkey)
Vol.II, 1 – “Dokuz Seki/Esmerim”
Beyaz Kelebekler
From Küskünüm Ben Hayata / Esmerim
1975 (Turkey)

II.2 - Mazhar ve Fuat -- Türküz Türkü Çağırırız (1)

Vol.II, 2 – “Adimiz Miskindir Bizim”
Mazhar ve Fuat
From Türküz Türkü Çagiririz
1973 (Turkey)

II.3 - Francis Bebey -- New Track

Vol.II, 3 – “New Track”
Francis Bebey
From New Track
1982 (Cameroon)

II.4 - Milton Nascimento -- Geraes

Vol.II, 4 – “A Lua Girou”
Milton Nascimento
From Geares
1976 (Brazil)

II.5 - Maffy Falay, Sevda -- Jazz I Sverige '72

Vol.II, 5 – “Tamzara”
Maffy Falay, Sevda
From Jazz I Sverige ’72
1972 (sweden)

II.6 - Grizzly Bear -- Shields

Vol.II, 6 – “Yet Again”
Grizzly Bear
From Shields
2012 (United States)

Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra – The Reason Why Vol. III

III.1 - Hailu Mergia -- Ibakish Tarekigne

Vol.III, 1 – “Ibakish Tareigne”
Hailu Mergia And The Walias
From Tche Belew
1977 (Ethiopia)

III.2 - Christer Bothén Featuring Bolon Bata -- Trancedance

Vol.III, 2 – “Trance Dance”
Christer Bothén Featuring Bolon Bata
From Trancedance
1984 (Sweden)

III.5 - Bernard Fevre -- Cosmos 2043

Vol.III, 3 – “La Monde Avait 5 Ans”
Bernard Fevre
“Cosmos 2043”
1977 (France)

III.6 - U.S. 69 -- Yesterday Folks

Vol.III, 4 – “I’m On My Way / Patch Of Blue”
U.S. 69
From Yesterdays Folks
1969 (United States)

III.4 - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou -- The Skeletal Essences Of Afro Funk 1969-1980

Vol.III, 5 – “Ne Rien Voir, Dire, Entendre”
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou
From The Skeletal Essences Of Afro Funk 1969-1980
2013 (Benin)

III.3 - Panda Bear -- Tomboy

Vol.III, 6 – “You Can Count On Me”
Panda Bear
From Tomboy
2011 (United States)

III.7 - Caribou -- Andorra

Vol.III, 7 – “Sandy”
From Andorra
2007 (Canada)

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