Spike Wilner Trio - Aliens & Wizards

The Spike Wilner Trio – Aliens & Wizards

Aliens & Wizards by The Spike Wilner Trio was released on the 23rd of April 2021 with Cellar Music Group. The album was recorded in Long Island City (at GB’s Juke Joint) in August 2020.

The Spike Wilner Trio
Aliens & Wizards
(Cellar Music Group)

It can feel a significant gap between the impression given by the album cover and its music.
The cover gives a fresh feeling of spontaneity. On the contrary, the music (through each of the pieces) reminds of those respectful marks of eternal dedication the gentlemen of another time could show to the chosen ones of their hearts. It’s beautiful, old-fashioned but how touching and always so pleasant. The chosen one, here, is naturally Jazz music (and ragtime, and classical music). Each of the tracks (compositions and interpretations) has a way to demonstrate it. It works perfectly, simply, punctiliously. They humbly prove their dedication to jazz and yet manages to make it sound modern.

We could imagine each of the musicians with a blue color personality, particularly meticulous, reliable, and sentimental. And maybe this is the discrepancy that surprises in between the art cover and the music discovered. But is it really incompatible with being spontaneous AND meticulous?

The answer comes with the title track “Aliens & Wizards”, a free improvisation. It really shows the trio’s cohesion and maybe that even blue personalities could be wild. Wild enough to take such a picture. Wild enough to make great things happen. Wild enough to create a foundation dedicated to the creation and propagation of jazz music in New York City through recording, live streaming, archiving, educational initiatives, and live performances. Ah ok, that’s maybe blue.

But seriously, this music is so much enjoyable, certainly thanks to its always delicate intention and precision that glow out of it and to its dedicated musicians managing to make us feel their delight.
Highly recommended.

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The Spike Wilner Trio – Aliens & Wizards – Info

Line up
Spike Wilner: piano; Tyler Mitchell: bass; Anthony Pinciotti: drums

Spike Wilner
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Aliens & Wizards was released on April 23, 2021

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