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Borderlands Trio - Wandersphere

Borderlands Trio – Wandersphere

Wandersphere is the second album by Borderlands Trio, with Stephan Crump on acoustic bass, Kris Davis on piano, and Eric McPherson on drums. After their 2017 album, AsteroidaWandersphere was recorded during the coronavirus pandemic in New York in 2020 and released on September 2021, via Intakt Records.

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Raffy Bushman - Beginner's Mind EP

Raffy Bushman – Beginner’s Mind EP

Unfortunately, there are not enough Jazz EP releases, even though it is such a nice format. Of course, there are some memorable ones, but this is not the preferred format for artists. For listeners, however, an EP can be very pleasant.

One such EP is Beginner’s Mind, the second EP by Raffy Bushman, which was digitally released May 28, 2021. It has five original tracks. The trio features Raffy Bushman on piano, Mikele Montolli on double bass, and Finn Booth on drums.

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