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Charles Mingus 10 Best Albums

The Best Charles Mingus Albums

Is there another jazz legend with a discography as far-reaching and ambitious as Charles Mingus? His influence extended beyond traditional jazz, reaching into other genres like avant-garde, experimental, and contemporary classical music. Not to mention his powerful political songs, blues-tinted bops and gospel-tinged classics.

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The Best Jazz Bassists

The 10 Best Jazz Bassists

The bass has a unique and crucial role in the world of jazz. It’s not just about providing the foundation for the rhythm section; the bass must be a beating pulse for the sound, adding melody and crafting narratives whilst redefining the boundaries of the instrument.

In this list, we pay tribute to 10 of the best jazz bassists ever to pluck the four strings.

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1959 – The Best Year In Jazz History

1959 was without a doubt the best year in jazz history. Even if we were to add “so far” to the end of that statement, it still wouldn’t make sense, as the revolution to come will be grounded in the roots of 1959 anyway—or it will get a new name, other than “jazz.”

John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Blue Mitchell, and Lee Morgan were just amazing. These names alone should give you an idea of how important the records of 1959 were when you think that they are not even the leading musicians of the following releases. These albums were made for eternity, and their creators even more so.

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