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Sylvain Cathala Quintet – Poetry of Storms

Poetry of Storms is an album by tenor saxophonist Sylvain Cathala’s new quintet, with trumpeter Olivier Laisney, pianist Benjamin Moussay, bassist Fred Chiffoleau, and drummer Maxime Zampieri. It was recorded by Stéphane Seddoh at Le Triton in Les Lilas, France, on December 4, 2022, and it was released on January 28, 2022, by Le Triton.

Sylvain Cathala Quintet - Poetry of Storms

Sylvain Cathala Quintet

Poetry of Storms
(Le Triton)

Poetry of Storms combines the pleasure of an avant-garde album in the format of a modern-jazz album. Without provocation or ostentation, the quintet offers jazz that swings as much as it surprises.

The album is accessible and brings a pleasing complexity without being exclusive. The sound is perfectly balanced between avant-garde and modern jazz, each style letting a glimpse of the other slip through here and there, which brings an undeniable richness to the whole and gives the sound power and unexpected lyricism. Poetry—which, by definition, plays with rhythm and harmony to conjure imagery—can be found here, with tumultuous accents of dissent and disorder.

This is an excellent album that gains depth with each new listen.


1. Centaurus A (06:27); 2. Enée’s Story (05:23); 3. Sirius Song (05:38); 4. W.I.C. (Winter Is Coming) (06:29); 5. Laniakea (06:20); 6. Study 5 (05:29); 7. My Strong Identity, My Real Self 2 (08:38); 8. Line 2 (04:18)

Poetry Of Storms – teaser

Sylvain Cathala: tenor saxophone; Olivier Laisney: trumpet; Benjamin Moussay: piano; Frédéric Chiffoleau: double bass; Maxime Zampieri: drums

Poetry of Storms was released on January 28, 2022 // Triton – L’Autre Distribution

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