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Jazz Clubs in New York

The 9 Best Jazz Clubs in New York

The Big Apple and jazz music go together like Paris and expressionist art. New Yorkers have listened to jazz in smoky late-night clubs since the early 1900s. While cigarette smoke may have vacated the premises in 2002, jazz in The City That Never Sleeps is still going strong, having endured now for over a century.

African Americans led the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, birthing musicians such as Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong. Spots such as The Cotton Club and Carnegie Hall survived prohibition, mob rule, and segregation to deliver jazz to flappers, gangsters, budding musicians, tourists, and of course, late-night revelers looking to dance.

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What is the Blue Note

What Is The Blue Note?

“Blue Note” is a beautiful and mysterious term quite often encountered in the music world. It feels like blues, it feels like jazz, but it mainly feels like something that can touch our souls.

In the music industry, “Blue Note” is internationally recognized for being the Avant-garde record label “Blue Note Records” but also the chain of music clubs “Blue Note Jazz Club” with a presence in New York, Tokyo, Japan, and even in São Paulo, Brazil.

But in music, (1) what is precisely the blue note? and (2) how to recognize it?

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